Exploring Ferncliff

We’ve just arrived at Ferncliff and are starting to get our bearings. It’s an awesome place; I’m already falling in love with the campus. True to any summer camp there’s lots of stuff to do! The camp is surrounded by 4 mountains (named John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew), so there’s plenty of hiking. There’s a really pretty stone chapel, a labyrinth, and two lakes. In addition there’s also all the camp stuff like a pool, archery range, giant slide (the Shady Chute), and a low ropes course. The farm is super cool! We have sheep, goats, bunnies, chickens, and a duck! The sheep are named Bart and BJ; and the duck is named Howard. Ashley and I are pushing to get another duck because Howard seems a little lonely. The garden is pretty neat; there are about 20 beds with various crops (mostly lettuce) for the fall harvest. The YAV house is nice and homey. Ashley and I share a room, and Chris has his own room (for now). The upstairs is a loft with a hammock chair! There’s also a piano, but unfortunately none of us play. Ferncliff is also home to a nature preschool so that’s been fun to see all the little kiddos running around. We’ve been enjoying exploring all that Ferncliff has to offer and are looking forward to meeting our new roommate next week!


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