Adventures in Meatlessness

Here’s some Ferncliff updates for ya. We got piglets!! We are currently holding a naming contest for these adorable cuties. I’m hoping for Mu and Pua, but I think Lucy and Ethel are in the lead. It’s  also been an exciting time in the YAV house. We were all born within 2 months of each other so we have been celebrating a lot of birthdays. For Chris’ birthday we went to an escape room. We managed to escape during the time frame and enjoyed it so much that we decided to create our own. The groups that come to the DAC have a fun finding the clues, while they learn about the DAC and the kits we pack there. Our current record is 26 minutes out of 45. If you think you can beat that time feel free to come on by and try it out!

We enjoyed celebrating Shrouve Tuesday with Second Pres. Being able to consume massive amounts of pancakes  made the start of fasting much more enjoyable. This Lenten season we’ve decided to go meatless. We’re hoping to reduce our environmental impact as well as become more intentional with our food choices. It’s been good overall, but our house can definitely get a little hangry at times. I need to get more creative with my vegetarian recipes because right now we’ve been eating a lot of beans or yogurt. (Any of my vegetarian readers please consider this as a desperate plea for recipes!)

I’ve been exploring  Northwest Arkansas a little bit. We did a weekend tour of several area churches and made stops in Clarksville, Bentonville, and Fayetteville. Bentonville is the birthplace of Wal-Mart so of course we had to check out the original 5 and dime. We also went to Crystal Bridges and saw some gorgeous American art. There was a particularly interesting exhibit on many of the artifacts found at the US/Mexico border called Border Cantos. It was really moving to see that struggle transformed into art, and I would highly recommend going to see the exhibit if it comes to a town near you. It was also really cool to see another SEC campus and get to be in a more mountainous region! A few weeks later Matt, Scott, and I decided to go back to Northwest Arkansas for some climbing.  The second day was pretty rainy and cold, but we got some good routes in on the first day. Anyway life is going good here and we’re looking forward to being busier as camp season gets closer!


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